Blackmail by Pantyhose

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My Mob Dad ran a chain of adult stores worldwide.  Married 9 times, he trashed his women.  I vowed to myself, don't be like Dad. Our house was packed with adult videos, magazines, adult toys.  What seduced me the most was women dominating men.  I watched videos, read fetish magazines constantly.  I pigged out for female domination.  After Dad was murdered, he abandoned his 28 year old wife.  He left her with NOTHING.  Dad inherited the entire business, so his widow wife "Clarice" stayed with me. 

I wanted to hear a real female dominatrix voice.  I found a #800 number in Marquis Magazine. a run off from Skin Too.   I racked up a monster phone bill.  My step-mom read the phone bill and had a secret agenda.  She walk about in skirts, pantyhose and heels tempting me.  I'd catch her up-skirt shots of her crotch.  She kept my attention not saying anything about the phone bill.

Oh NO!  One day she caught me naked jerking on the phone with the phone dominatrix.  Clarice told me to give her the phone and she asked the phone dominatrix what we talked about.  I was embarrassed (humiliated) and excited at the same time.  She left the room and that was it.  What?

Over the next week, she talked about how she liked to wear pantyhose.  Then it happened!  She caught me again jerking off with the phone dominatrix.  This was the day, I was blackmailed by pantyhose.  My life changed forever.  To be continued at the Movie Theaters.  She Who Has No Face Films 2017