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Sexy Teacher and Her Student Fantasy

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Student Steve's fantasy thoughts about his teacher Miss Zoe Zane.  

It's difficult for me to sit still in her classroom.  Miss Zoe turns me on!

I overheard a conversation about her detention class for unruly boys.

I'm shy.  Maybe, Miss Zoe can come over to my house and give me a private lesson after school.

IDEA:  I will fail at my best subject.  That will get her attention.  When she comes over to correct my failing papers, I'll make sure she catches me.  Refusing to do as she asks will make her really mad.  She'll stomp up the stairs to my bedroom.  As she opens my door .... to be continued.

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Upskirt School Teacher Whore Story Lady

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My vintage clothing are the real thing.  ffstockings teacher Julia and I went shopping.  She and I tease men in the shop.  Honestly, we are silk stocking girdle sluts.

Do you like it when I say the word whore softly in your ear?  Or do you like it when I tell you, "You are my bitch?"  Do you not want to be in charge in the bedroom?

Miss Zoe Zane knows your mind and what you need! 


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Las Vegas Whore

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I was raised by strict parents.  In 1985, I abandoned the conservative lifestyle and went wild to my porn career.  I fantasied about being a whore.  I found a bad boy and ran to Las Vegas for sin.  For 8 years, I was a professional phone sex girl mentored by 1000's of callers.  At the same time, I was a swinger, Vegas Red Rooster Swing Club.  Legend, mature porn star Kitty Foxx saw me in many gang bangs (over 40 men at one time).  At age 43 she wanted to contract me for porn movies.  So here I am living the life as a porn star whore.  Laughing.  P.S.  Everyone is a whore to something or someone. I have magical work in magical ways, I give magical service for magical play.  Zoe Zane Psych-K Goddess

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